Many professionals consider physicians, especially the wealthier and more successful ones, “ideal” clients. They can be very profitable for wealth managers who help them address their often-extensive financial needs.  

Wealthy physicians have the following characteristics: They are in private practice. 

  • They have $2 million or more in investable assets. 
  • Half those surveyed have a net worth of between $5 and $10 million.
  • Thirty percent had a net worth between $10 and $20 million, with the remaining 15% having a net worth greater than $20 million. 

In a survey of 277 wealthy physicians, we determined whom they rely on most to make financial decisions and how wealth managers can benefit. We also identified the opportunities for wealth managers to add value through estate planning, exit planning, retirement planning, and asset protection planning. 

This one-hour webinar will review the research and explain how to cultivate wealthy physicians most effectively.  

This webinar is for wealth managers who… 

  • Are determined to deliver exceptional value to wealthy physicians. 
  • Are highly motivated to manage their assets. 
  • Are willing to move beyond their comfort zones to try proven business development strategies they are currently not using. 

The webinar is also for senior management of wealth management firms wanting to support their wealth managers in excelling by working with wealthy physicians.

This event is intended for financial professionals only.


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